RAHM brings together the most outstanding future + today’s LGBTI leaders in the world.
Through an innovative contest and network we connect, inspire and support the next generation of out LGBTI leaders.

What RAHM offers

Expanding LGBTI leadership network

Meet 130 pre-selected successful LGBTI peers and top executives from different branches as well as business-partners, mentors and mentees, investors and company representatives from LGBTI-friendly companies.

Develop your leadership skills

Get extensive feedback from different perspectives (peers, observers and top executive jury). You will exchange knowledge with contestants, executives and company representatives and you will learn new leadership skills through keynotes, talks, labs and leadership simulations.

Outstanding career opportunities

You will have exclusive face-to-face time with company representatives to discuss new perspectives and future possibilities. Founders are given the chance to present their businesses in front of a selected number of top-level investors.

And many more benefits

Prizes, press interviews and an amazing after-contest-party are waiting for you and a new gateway to the global LGBTI leadership community.

Apply now to RAHM 2018 in London


The Contest

RAHM is the world’s LGBTI leadership contest. We invite 100 pre-selected young leadership talents to join the final of the RAHM contest to compete in a highly interactive 1-day-leadership contest. In group works and discussions with other participants you can show your leadership skills and give each other feedback.

Throughout the contest you will expand your personal and professional network, share your expertise, develop and prove your leadership skills, learn from top executive’s experiences, receive job opportunities or startup funding, and have fun doing it. The attendees with the most convincing leadership skills will be awarded through our unique crowd ranking process.

The Organizer

RAHM is organized by Uhlala. Since 2009, we have been supporting, promoting and connecting LGBTI in their careers, bringing them together with companies and organizations that are appreciating LGBTI employees.

We are pursuing this approach with different projects like STICKS & STONES – the largest LGBTI career event in Europe with more than 100 companies and almost 3.000 participants. We also support women in leadership through our PANDA Women Leadership Contest. Uhlala was founded by Stuart B. Cameron. Learn more about us:

Application & Evaluation Process

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for outstanding future and young LGBTI leaders all over the world. Would you describe yourself as a LGBTI who embodies leadership competency – as a self-confident, charismatic, open and innovation-loving team player? Are you passionated for exchange, willing to contribute to the event as well as ready to learn from the other candidates?

Then apply for the RAHM LGBTI Leadership contest. We look forward hearing from you!

Application Process

1st Round

+ CV
In the first round we just ask you to upload your CV to keep it simple. You will then become a short feedback from us regarding your application.

2nd Round

+ Recommendation letter
When you passed the first round we will ask you for a recommendation of a person who supports you and believes in your leadership talent.

+ Video interview
And we will invite you for a short video interview to learn more about you.

+ Personal details and motivation
We will ask you why you would like to be part of RAHM

and what you can contribute to the contest.


3rd Round

+ Invitation Top 100
In an ideal world we will invite you to the RAHM final in London in Summer 2018. 

+ Invitation RAHM network
We can’t invite all applicants. There are only 100 seats. If we can’t invite you to the final but you still meet our requirements we will invite you to the RAHM network. It’s a new global network of amazing LGBTI leaders from Young Talents to Top Executives.

EVALUATION process at the final

We use our proven crowd-ranking process to identify the most convincing leader. Everyone, who participates in the event – contestants, observers and the top executive jury – is involved in this process. There are no predefined evaluation criteria. After each group challenge every contestant will judge other contestant’s leadership skills on the basis of their own subjective impressions. The winner is the person who has convinced most of the other participants.



Do you out the participants e.g. putting their profile online?

No, but we will film the event and take pictures which will be available online.
We will also feature the Top10 in a portraits and the Top3 will have interviews with our media partners.

I’m a straight ally. Can I apply?

Yes. The contest is for LGBTI but we believe in diversity and your insights might be helpful to others.

Do you pay for travelling expenses?

No. But we will help you with travel information.

Is there an application fee?

No, the contest is free to apply and participate. 

Who can I contact with questions concerning the RAHMs application process?

Stuart & René. You can contact us through a form at the contact page.

Why is the contest called RAHM?

Rahm is a German word and means creme – it is the best part of the milk – the crème de la crème. Through RAHM we are looking for the most promising, outstandingly qualified LGBTI Young Talents and Executives. Another reason is we just can’t come up with a boring idea for a name. 😉

Does the contest promote a masculine idea of leadership?

No, we are interested in diversity of leadership styles where we can learn from each other.