“¡Tu orientación sexual no tiene nada que buscar en el lugar de trabajo!”

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Mentoring and role models – can you see me?

Annemieke Hartmann-Jemmet, Co-chair of the inaugural RAHM Leadership Council, invites you to join the RAHMentoring program which will be launched shortly.


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RAHM Insights by David H.

Member of the RAHM Leadership Council, David Holthöwer writes about LGBTIQ+ leadership and its relevance.


“Some leaders are born LGBTIQ+.

Let’s get used to it!”

Stuart B. Cameron, Founder + CEO | UHLALA Group | RAHM

RAHM 2022 Supporter


RAHM is a unique community of talented professionals. RAHM comprises the present and future generation of LGBTIQ+ leaders with exceptional skills and experience, that all lead to developing LGBTIQ+  leadership.

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Over 700 RAHMers across the globe network, attend events and discover their next business opportunity. Our annual contest is one of the calendar highlights in the LGBTIQ+ leadership community.

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The RAHM community is open to all those which are confident in their leadership skills. Top graduating students, aspiring executives and talented entrepreneurs that are keen to go above and beyond to reach their ambitions.

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Albin Junhede

Data Office Director at Oatly AB

“ RAHM is the network who re-lit the spark in me to take lead on working with LGBTQ-matters! I got to meet and work with amazing people who inspired me and helped me develop as a person and as a leader, at the same time as we shared experiences and knowledge on how to make the world more inclusive and diversified! ”

Bess Hepworth

Founder, Executive Director and Chief Disruptor at Planet Ally

“ RAHM is without a doubt one of the best initiatives for emerging global LGBT+ leaders. RAHM’s serious play style means you get the chance to test your own leadership style under fun but high intensity situations, while meaningfully networking and collaborating with a wide cross-section of cultures and communities. If you are serious about developing as a leader and building your global network then you need to go play with RAHM! ”

Celeste Wise

Master's Student at Vrije Universiteit

“ Go to RAHM if you ever question whether you’re a leader or if you doubt you could ever be your most authentic self at work. You’ll find a community of LGBTQ leaders from all over the world, focused on sharing stories, experiences, and strategies about how to break barriers and lift each other up. ”


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