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RAHM Community Platform connects more than 500 LGBT+ leaders and young talents globally. With our events, we discover & bring together passionate, determined leaders that are keen to grow, learn as well as share their knowledge and expertise with each other. 



Expand your professional network, meet outstanding leaders, develop and prove your professional leadership skills and find new career opportunities at the RAHM Global LGBT+ Leadership Contest and other RAHM events. We are global and our events are too!



Our Community is for anyone, who believes in their leadership skills and has excelled in their field. Top students, executives and everything in-between. As long as you have a strong personality and are ambitious about learning and growing, acting and achieving!

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Albin Junhede

Master of data at Oatly AB

“ RAHM is the network who re-lit the spark in me to take lead on working with LGBTQ-matters! I got to meet and work with amazing people who inspired me and helped me develop as a person and as a leader, at the same time as we shared experiences and knowledge on how to make the world more inclusive and diversified! ”

Bess Hepworth

Founder, Executive Director and Chief Disruptor at Planet Ally

“ RAHM is without a doubt one of the best initiatives for emerging global LGBT+ leaders. RAHM’s serious play style means you get the chance to test your own leadership style under fun but high intensity situations, while meaningfully networking and collaborating with a wide cross-section of cultures and communities. If you are serious about developing as a leader and building your global network then you need to go play with RAHM! ”

Celeste Wise

Master's Student at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

“ Go to RAHM if you ever question whether you’re a leader or if you doubt you could ever be your most authentic self at work. You’ll find a community of LGBTQ leaders from all over the world, focused on sharing stories, experiences, and strategies about how to break barriers and lift each other up. ”



“Some leaders are born LGBT+. Let’s get used to it!”

Stuart B. Cameron, Founder | RAHM



Lindsay Krakauer, RAHM Winner 2017

"Be brave, be genuine, surround yourself with amazing people"


Stuart Cameron

Stuart Cameron is CEO of UHLALA GmbH, founder of RAHM and has been shortlisted in the Business Punk Magazine’s Watchlist 2018.


Lawrence Spicer

“I took a personal and career decision that found me bringing my whole self to work as LGBT leader.”


Tim Wilson, MP

"Authenticity is king in modern politics so honesty is a point of strength"

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