The RAHM Community is an exclusive global LGBTIQ+ Leadership Community created by the UHLALA Group. Since 2017, our Community has been revolving around connecting, inspiring and supporting the future and present generation of LGBTIQ+ leaders striving for personal growth and professional achievements. From top graduating advanced students to innovators, C-suite management and seasoned executives – RAHM connects them all. 

It is completely free of charge to become a Community Member and attend RAHM events.

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We connect more than 700 members worldwide of varied professional fields and branches. RAHM Community members come from diverse professional seniority backgrounds – from ambitious students to top executives, and everything in between! Through the exchange of knowledge, thoughts and opportunities, RAHMers are committed to the growth and visibility of present and future generations LGBTIQ+ leaders.


We seek members with strong career aspirations and focused determination to rise to the top. We also seek members that enable deep sustainable change on a large scale and driven visionaries with a visible leader’s aura. RAHMers need to also have a high level of emotional intelligence and flawless interpersonal and communication skills with impeccable manners respecting all kinds of diversity within the diversity spectrum, treating each with dignity.


The RAHM Leadership Contest is one of our key events. We organise our RAHM Contests in one of the hot spots of the world and bring together around 100 LGBTIQ+ leaders with varied experiences and backgrounds. It’s a highly interactive event with challenges designed specifically to develop and test your leadership skills whilst also receiving individual feedback. People leave the contest highly energised and extremely inspired for a long time.

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The RAHM Community Meet-ups are organised locally by the Community, for the Community and their friends. Since 2017 we have expanded all over the globe, so the #RAHMbassador programme makes sure that RAHMers stay connected throughout the year! Check our events to see if there is any Meet-up planned in your city.

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YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE OUT TO JOIN RAHM. Although RAHM puts the spotlight on openly out professionals as role-models, we do recognise that not everyone is out at their workplace. We respect all our members’ rights and decisions to protect their identity and will work together in supporting all members nonetheless. RAHM is an exclusive community, meaning that our events and platform are for members only. Reach out to us, if you have any questions regarding our personal privacy policy.


All our RAHM team members are passionate about the LGBTIQ+ leadership community and its members. The diverse team members are fully engaged with ensuring the growth of our community, creating opportunities for our current members and reaching out to new ones.


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The UHLALA Group is one of the leading LGBTIQ+ Social Businesses in Germany. Since 2009, we have been supporting, connecting and empowering LGBTIQ+ people in their career and bringing them together with companies that take a stand for LGBTIQ+ diversity. We pursue this goal with different projects.

In 2013, we have also committed to increasing the number of women in leadership positions. Our project PANDA supports talented women, brings them together and gives them a chance to develop and get in contact with companies. With our many years of expertise, we support employers in the implementation of their LGBTIQ+ Diversity Management through events, speeches and consulting services.

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