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Commerzbank is a leading international commercial bank with branches and offices in more than 50 countries. We offer our customers a comprehensive portfolio of financial services via our two business segments of Private and Small-Business Customers and Corporate Clients. Commerzbank operates around 1,000 branches in Germany, giving it one of the densest networks in the German personal banking space. All in all, we look after more than 18 million personal and 70,000 corporate clients, multinational groups, financial services providers and institutional clients across the world. Customer interest and customer satisfaction are what shape our range of services.

Diversity & inclusion – close to our heart at Commerzbank

“Putting diversity into practice!” is our motto at Commerzbank. It’s irrelevant where people come from, whether they are young or old, a man or a woman, intersex or trans, who they live with or what they believe. Our customers are just as diverse, so why shouldn’t this be the case at the Bank too?

Indeed, this very diversity is the springboard for our success as it guarantees talent, experience, creativity and innovation. As a result, diversity is an issue close to our heart. Since the late 1980s, within the Commerzbank Group we have treated diversity as a shared undertaking, and one which our board members, managers and other members of staff work on together.

Seven employee networks. All with one mission

We tackle diversity issues in liaison with our seven employee networks. We are especially proud of Arco, the LGBT network at Commerzbank. In partnership with these networks, we foster a working environment free of prejudice in which people of any sexual orientation can feel at home without restriction.

Our Arco employee network is for homosexual, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT*IQ) members of staff. The network was established in 2002 as part of a diversity project. With around 500 members, it is now one of the largest associations of its type in Germany.

Arco’s declared objective is to eliminate prejudice against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual employees and to help and support them in the “Out & career” space. To this end, Arco offers an online information and discussion forum alongside a range of events. Thanks to the commitment it has shown to this issue, the network has made a crucial contribution towards eroding prejudice.

Members of the network provide key impetus for HR activities and are involved in strategic decision-making. We have enjoyed a highly successful working relationship for more than 16 years now – 16 years during which we have changed and achieved a great deal at the Bank.

Our mission is diversity – this is what we do

Charta der Vielfalt (German Diversity Charta) 

In 2007 we became one of the first companies to sign the German Diversity Charta and are an active member of the association. Around 3,000 companies and public bodies have now undertaken to foster diversity in the workplace.


In 2007 we became one of the first companies to sign the German Diversity Charta and are an active member of the association. Around 3,000 companies and public bodies have now undertaken to foster diversity in the workplace.


In 2013, Commerzbank joined forces with other businesses to establish the PROUT AT WORK foundation. We work together across company boundaries to reduce homophobia and discrimination in the workplace. At present we are also supporting the foundation’s work as part of its Advisory Board.

Völklinger Kreis

Since 2018, Commerzbank has been working in partnership with the Völklinger Kreis e.V. professional association, a network committed to promoting the professional interests of gay people working in self-employed and management roles. Völklinger Kreis offers initiatives such as the Future Leaders Programme, which addresses the specific issue of what it means to be a gay member of management.


Commerzbank in London has been working with Stonewall, Europe’s largest LGBT organisation, since 2018. As part of the international Diversity Champions Programme, the Bank is also demonstrating its commitment to equality of opportunity for homosexual and trans identity employees, and to a workplace in which all are valued.

Commerzbank is hosting the 6th edition of RAHM | The Global LGBT+ Leadership Contest 2019 in Berlin.

Learn more about the Contest, take participation, become a partner and get connected to the talent pool of LGBT+ leaders!