The LGBTIQ+ Leadership Contest 2021

Hosted by Accenture

RAHM is one of the most powerful leadership experiences I've ever had. The contest challenged our thinking by pushing ideas into action — all the while having a blast!

Zachary AmesWinner of RAHM 2018 | London Edition


RAHM | The Global LGBTIQ+ Leadership Community in cooperation with Accenture invites aspiring LGBTIQ+ talents, as well as already experienced managers, to join the highly interactive online leadership contest!

RAHM gives you the opportunity to test your professional skills in a multitude of situations: expect active problem-solving, group-work, burning discussions, intensive networking, inspiring keynote speakers, professional opportunities and many more engaging activities.

Each participant receives individual feedback from their peers and from our LGBTIQ+ executive jury members. Other benefits include direct contact with awarded leaders and role models, access to our exclusive RAHM community (with over 600 LGBTIQ+ leaders worldwide) and amazing prizes and career opportunities with Accenture.

15 July 2021    16 July 2021

5.30PM-8PM (CEST)   10AM-6.30PM (CEST)


Through the Remo platform


5. July 2021



RAHM | The LGBTIQ+ Leadership Contest is for professionals in DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) countries only. Whether you are an aspiring LGBTIQ+ student or a graduate interested in leadership, a young professional or an experienced manager, RAHM is for you!

No matter your professional branch and seniority, our core values are your passion, determination to grow, ambition, career aspirations and elevated motivation. Furthermore, we value kindness, open-mindedness and willingness to hear other truths. Sounds like you? Well then, RAHM is the place for you!

If you can’t join the contest, you can still apply for our exclusive LGBTIQ+ leadership community, join our future events and connect to LGBTIQ+ leaders worldwide, all free of charge.

If you are already a member: you only need to complete the first step of the application process below.

Online application

Please upload your CV (make sure it’s up to date) and fill out the registration form.

Apply Now

Video interview

We’ll send you a link with the questions: it’s not like a job interview and there are no right or wrong answers; it simply helps us to get to know you better. You might receive an invitation to the contest right after!



Accenture’s commitment to accelerating equality for all has never been more relevant than it is today – to drive our innovation agenda and act as responsible business leaders.

It enables us to attract, develop, inspire and reward top talent. And it creates an environment that unleashes innovation, allows our people to perform at their very best and underpins a culture in which everyone feels they have an equal opportunity to belong and build a career.

With the support of our Global and Local Leadership team, we focus on different I&D dimensions such as gender, ethnicity, LGBT*IQ, religion, persons with disabilities and cross-cultural diversity.


Since 2009, the UHLALA Group has been advocating for LGBTIQ+ people in the workplace with various projects and brands worldwide.

Through events, workshops, trainings, certifications, audits, consulting and PR, we support employers in promoting their LGBTIQ+ employees, recruiting new ones and credibly strengthening their employer branding in and outside the community.


What language will be spoken at the event?

The Contest is entirely in English.

Is there any participation fee?

The participation is completely free of charge!

When does Get-Together take place?

The Get-Together takes place on the 15th of July from 17:30 – 20:00 (CEST).

Do I have to be "out" to participate?

YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE PUBLICLY OUT TO PARTICIPATE! We do recognise, that not everyone is out at their workplace and want to support you nonetheless. We respect our members’ decision to hide their real identity with any means possible. RAHM is an exclusive community, meaning that our events and platform are for members only. Reach out to us, ( if you have any questions regarding personal privacy.

Do you out the participants e.g. putting their profile online?

The media shared is open to public. However, if you don’t wish to appear on any pictures and videos or use a pseudonym, we will respect it! It only needs to be communicated to us ( before the event!

I am a RAHM Community Member. Do I have to complete all application steps?

As a RAHM community member you just need to do the first step of the contest application: submitting your CV. Which you can do here

I am a RAHM Contest Alumni. Can I participate?

We want to make sure to give new Contestants a chance to participate, therefore 10% of RAHM Contest Alumni will be accepted as participants.

Does the contest promote a masculine idea of leadership?

No, we are interested in diversity of leadership styles where we can learn from each other.

How do you determine the winner?

The crowd-ranking process. Everyone, who participates in the event – contestants, observers and the top executive jury – is involved in this process. There are no predefined evaluation criteria. After each group challenge every contestant will judge other contestant’s leadership skills on the basis of their own subjective impressions. The winner is the person who has convinced the majority of other participants.

Why the name "RAHM" ?

Rahm is a German word and means creme – it is the best part of the milk – the crème de la crème. Through RAHM we are looking for the most promising, outstandingly qualified LGBTIQ+ Young Talents and Executives. Another reason is we just can’t come up with a boring idea for a name 😉