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About the Contest

RAHM | The Global LGBT+ Leadership Contest is an annual event for LGBT+ leaders and RAHM Community members.  A highly interactive event with challenges designed specifically to develop & test your leadership skills.

After six editions of the RAHM Contest, we are looking to future editions.  Should  you be up for a challenge and want to familiarise yourself with the contest, scroll down for FAQ.  As soon as we are ready, we will be accepting your applications.

Participation fee – there isn’t one!




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of the RAHM Contest



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The RAHM Contest is international and can be organised anywhere. The Contest Finale takes place one day before the Pride, offering the possibility to share the experience of the Pride together with the RAHMers! All participants and Community Members are invited to join for the RAHM Get-Together and Pride Parade. 


RAHM Contest is a highly interactive event of innovative leadership challenges and simulations, extensive strategic networking rounds, inspiring leadership talks, a night and a Pride to remember, incredible prizes to win, and so much more. 


We welcome diversity – from students to senior executives and everything in-between. As long as you have excellent achievements in your field, attitude and motivation to learn, share and contribute your own experience and knowledge. It is for people who are strong in their opinions but still open to hear different perspectives, thoughts and ideas.


1st step: Your CV. Send us your CV and make sure it is up to date!

2nd step: Your motivation, the letter of recommendation and the video interview. Fill out the questionary about your experience and motivation. Additionally, a letter of recommendation from a person who supports you and believes in your leadership talent. Where you recommended by a RAHMer? No need for the letter of recommendation!
Finally, the video interview – to get the impression of you.

Click here to see the application process for the RAHM Contest and / or Community

RAHM Contest Finale: if accepted, you will be invited to participate in one of our Contest Finales and meet other 100 great LGBTIQ+ Leaders!


RAHM is can be organised anywhere in the world. If you are interested in hosting one of RAHM Leadership Contests, Impact Day, Meet-up or simply want to support RAHM in any other way, explore our partnership offers!


Expand LGBT+ Network

Meet 100 pre-selected successful LGBT+ peers and top executives from different branches. Expand your professional and personal network – find new business-partners, investors and company representatives from LGBT+ friendly companies whilst also making new friends!


 Develop your skills

Get extensive feedback from different perspectives (peers, observers and executive jury). Exchange the knowledge among contestants & executives, test your strengths and improve your weaknesses – train your leadership skills through keynotes, talks and leadership simulations.


 Outstanding career opportunities

Face-to-face time with company representatives to discuss new perspectives and future possibilities, find mentors or mentees and get recruited by one of our proud partner companies.


..and many more benefits 

Different prizes, mentorships, after-contest-party.. More importantly, new insights, thoughts  from different perspectives, new contacts and friends and much, much more!


Taking part in RAHM Contest has made me realise my strengths and weaknesses, not because I am LGBT, but because I am a leader. When I was first told to go for this, the arrogance in me was very much thinking ‘what can I really learn from this’, and did my arrogance get put in check. The RAHM experience has challenged me in ways I didn’t think possible, I was able to work and connect with quite simply the BEST LGBT leaders from around the world, and it has given me the education to go into work and make a positive change for not just LGBT, but for everyone who falls into diversity.

Michael NewtonCOO, The P3 Network

It was the night before the deadline and a colleague sent me the application link. At first, I was uncertain whether to apply. Then I thought, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I was so excited when selected to compete in person but never imagined the amazing people and abundance of opportunity I would leave Berlin with. The RAHM experience will challenge you, shape you, connect you and empower you!

Lindsay KrakauerHead of SAP Process, Excellence Siemens Healthineers

The stories of my fellow contestants, now friends, of their pains and of their triumphs had a deep impact on me, one I will continue to unpack. The contest intensified my awareness of my abilities and my desire to create space for all people to become their best selves.

Blake TierneyProject Coordinator, Mental Health America of Wisconsin

What should I say it was a blast! We were able to network, discuss and defy ourselves! All of this with amazing and very inspiring people from all over the world who shared their personal stories and challenges. A great community of future leaders who support each other!

Janina JahnsSenior Account Director, RPM - revolutions per minute

A phenomenal coalition for mature and young leaders to work together for making the world a better and a safer place for all LGBT+ people around the globe. This is where strategic and motivated thinkers from various jurisdictions, industries and backgrounds meet and exchange their valuable knowledge. Definitely a place to be if you are passionate about human rights and challenges of LGBT+ communities and demand a change

Alexey KozlovKnowledge Systems Services Manager, Hogan Lovells

To be able to collaborate with some of our communities leading voices, to feel their relentless drive & determination to seek equality, inclusion & for the right to be who you are. To learn from the strength that some have built brick-by-brick on their journey & the numerous times partnerships with our allies have made success possible. It was a fantastic experience and a privilege to be part of this network of future leaders.

Alastair MillsBusiness Development & Sales Manager, Siemens Energy Management

I nominated an Asia-based 2017 RAHM finalist, Bess Hepworth. Watching RAHM’s program accelerate her ambitions into more impactful programs to effect change in business and society is breathtaking. RAHM is a unique & superb global mentoring experience and we need more RAHM-accelerated LGBT+ leaders.

Marion McDonaldChief Strategy Officer, Asia Pacific Region, Ogilvy Public Relations Health & Wellness Practice, APAC Co-Lead, Ogilvy Group Hong Kong Regional office


What language will be spoken at the event?

The Contest is entirely in English.

Is there any participation fee?

The participation is completely free of charge!

When does Get-Together and Pride Breakfast take place?

The Get-Together takes place one day before the Contest Finale; and the Pride Breakfast – the day after the Contest and before the Pride Parade. Participation is optional. 

Do I have to be "out" to participate?

YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE PUBLICLY OUT TO PARTICIPATE! We do recognise, that not everyone is out at their workplace and want to support you nonetheless. We respect our members’ decision to hide their real identity with any means possible. RAHM is an exclusive community, meaning that our events and platform are for members only. Reach out to us, if you have any questions regarding personal privacy.

I am a RAHM Community Member. Do I have to complete all application steps?

If you haven’t completed the video interview, when applying for RAHM Community, you will be asked to do so.

Click here to see how the application process works

I am a RAHM Contest Alumni. Can I participate?

We want to make sure to give new Contestants a chance to participate, therefore 10% of RAHM Contest Alumni will be accepted as participants.

Do you out the participants e.g. putting their profile online?

The media shared is open to public. However, if you don’t wish to appear on any pictures and videos or use a pseudonym, we will respect it! It only needs to be communicated to us before the event!

Do you cover any expenses?

No, but we can provide you with the travel information.

Does the contest promote a masculine idea of leadership?

No, we are interested in diversity of leadership styles where we can learn from each other.

How do you determine the winner?

The crowd-ranking process. Everyone, who participates in the event – contestants, observers and the top executive jury – is involved in this process. There are no predefined evaluation criteria. After each group challenge every contestant will judge other contestant’s leadership skills on the basis of their own subjective impressions. The winner is the person who has convinced the majority of other participants.

Why the name "RAHM" ?

Rahm is a German word and means creme – it is the best part of the milk – the crème de la crème. Through RAHM we are looking for the most promising, outstandingly qualified LGBT+ Young Talents and Executives. Another reason is we just can’t come up with a boring idea for a name 😉

*If accepted to the contest, you automatically become a RAHM Community member

DISCLAIMER: We – the UHLALA Group – will publish pictures and videos of the event on social media. By coming to the Contest, you accept our data privacy statement. We thank you for your comprehension and wish you a nice event.