RAHM Impact Day brings together present and future LGBT+ leaders of the world for a one-day online event. The purpose is to create a uniqueinnovative and useful tool, contributing to the LGBT+ leadership and the community as a whole. Scroll down to find out everything you need to know for joining!


RAHM | The Global LGBT+ Leadership Community in cooperation with Commerzbank invited young and experienced leadership talents to join the highly interactive online event, including active problem solving, group work, burning discussions, intensive networking, inspiring keynote speakers and more!

Sharing insights, contributing ones knowledge, learning from others, inspiring others and getting inspired yourself all while also leaving an input in developing an innovative and unique tool aiming to positively contribute to LGBT+ community – this is what RAHM Impact Day was all about!


Where is RAHM Impact Day taking place?

Taking into the consideration the current situation, the event is completely online.

What are the topics/tasks of the RAHM Impact Day?

Every RAHM Impact Day follows a new topic, with the outcome of a unique and innovative tool created by outstanding groups of LGBT+ leaders.


What to expect from this day?

This day will connect RAHM Community members from all over the world with networking sessionsleadership talks, assessment rounds, and much more. At the end of this incredible day, the participants are given a chance to present, share and celebrate their results and take away what has been developed to share with their network and company.

Agenda coming soon! 

How can you use the results?

All  results of the day are collected by us and put together in one report. Once it is done, you can have a free access to it and share tangible results with your colleagues, network, employees and employer.

Every contributor is credited in the final product.

Who can participate?

RAHM Impact Day is exclusively for RAHM Community members! But don’t worry if you’re not one yet. It is completely free of charge to join the Community and participate in our events!

Find out more about our LGBT+ Leadership Community HERE and send it your application!

How to apply?

RAHM Community Members

Non-Community Members

1.  Simply tell us about your motivation to participate!
Find the form above and send it in!

1.  Join the RAHM Community (more info)

2. Then apply for RAHM Impact Day as a Community member!


YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE OUT TO JOIN RAHM. Although RAHM puts the spotlight on openly out professionals as role-models, we do recognise that not everyone is out at their workplace and want to support you nonetheless. We respect our members’ decision to hide their real identity with any means possible. RAHM is an exclusive community, meaning that our events and platform are for members only. Reach out to us, if you have any questions regarding personal privacy.