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A warm welcome from Annemeike, RAHM Leadership Council Chair.

I am delighted to be joining RAHM as co-chair and aim to make a difference in people and companies ‘lives’ by being involved. LGBTQIA+ members as well as Allies making up the council ensures that a balanced view is presented in the development of engaging programmes and content. The council members are eminent members representing diverse backgrounds and careers in a truly global setting allowing a broad focus on how we can deliver on our goals. Together, as a council, we are further building the leadership community that offers inclusion and diversity and in turn the ability to make a difference.

We are pleased to present the RAHM LEADERSHIP COUNCIL 2022

Max Appenroth (They, them)
Human Rights Activist, Diversity Consultant
Cologne, Germany
Siro Battaglin (He, him)
Director, Instructor, Sydney Opera House
Sydney, Australia
Montana Burgess (She/her/they/them)
Executive Director
Nelson, Canada
Andrea Chagas (She, her)
PhD Candidate, Research Associate
Mannheim, Germany
Chico Chakravorty (He, him)
Founder, Managing Consultant
London, UK
Steven Cunningham (He, him)
Consultant, sales expert
Munich, Germany
Crissi Dalfonzo (She, her)
Assistant Director, LGBT Center, Cornell University
New York, USA
Annemieke Hartman-Jemmett (She, her)
Author, Interim Adaptix
London, UK
Rebecca Heywood (She, her)
Director of Performance, Process Improvement
New York, USA
David Holthoewer (He, him)
Hesse, Germany
Janina Lebiszczak (She, her)
Journalist, Corporate publisher
Vienna, Austria
Yoriko Yasukawa (She, her)
Vice-president, University lecturer
San Jose, Costa Rica
David Palumbo (He, him)
Lawyer Baker McKenzie
Toronto, Canada
Ksenija Polla (She, her)
ICCAWORLD North America Regional Director
Los Angeles, USA
Indrani Sharma (She, her)
Business Development Manager
Chennai, India
Rodney Sharples (He, him)
Chief Operating Officer
Charlotte, USA
Daniel Staemmler (He, him)
Executive Publisher
Berlin, Germany
Christian Strobel (He, him)
Psychologist, University Professor
Munich, Germany
Hugo Trevino (He, him)
Disability Resource Specialist
Chicago, USA
Erika Yague (She, her)
Gender & Youth, Digital Education, PhD candidate
Brisbane, Australia


“We are striving to create a community that cultivates, supports and

promotes future global LGBTIQ+ leaders and their talents.”


Further develop and enhance current RAHM members skills and knowledge

Enhance, revamp, build on current RAHM events and activities.

Promote RAHM community, council and impact to current and new audiences
Ensure RAHMs financial stability and sustainability for the near future
Create a foundation for RAHM council and build a legacy for its community


Support future LGBTIQ+ leaders reach their full potential by developing mentoring programs.

Educate future leaders by designing learning interventions on thought-provoking topics.

Energise the LGBTIQ+ leaders’ community by enhancing the Ambassadors program.

Inspire the future LGBTIQ+ leaders by designing tailor-made activities and events.

Expand RAHMs network by establishing linkages with partners from various stakeholders.

Promote RAHM community, project, council through our various communication channels.

Sustain, develop the RAHM community by planning fundraising activities.

Seek sponsors and partnerships on current RAHM activities.

Drive RAHM’s social impact by establishing a scholarship for LGBTIQ+ individuals from developing countries.

Draft the founding documentation and ground the council into RAHM.


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