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,,I felt a flood of acceptance and support from the community, which is something I never experienced because I have isolated myself for so long.” – interview with Salar Shoaiby

By LGBT Leaders, RAHM-Events & Featured Events

Salar Shoiby has joined us for the RAHM Contest 2019 in Toronto and went home as the winner. In this open and honest interview he talks about his emotions during the Contest and about the challenges he faced while being part of two seemingly conflicting communities .
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” I will continue to spread the positive energy, appreciation and empowerment I got from this experience …” – interview with Meike Imberg

By LGBT Leaders, RAHM-Events & Featured Events

Meike Imberg joined us for the RAHM Contest in Berlin. She knocked everyones’ socks off with her energy, enthusiasm, attitude and look on life, in the end claiming the title of the winner of RAHM Contest 2019, Berlin Edition! Take a sneak peek of her experience and her story in this interview.  Read More

Bess Hepworth TOP 10 RAHM FINALISTS 2017

“I am driven to find ways to leverage my privilege and influence for equality” – Interview with Bess Hepworth

By LGBT Leaders, RAHM

If there is a LGBT activist & leader in Hong-Kong who you should know about, it’s Bess Hepworth. She is one of the Top10 Finalists of the RAHM Contest 2017 and she gave this inspiring interview to the RAHM Magazine about her experiences as LGBT NGO’s leader and as Mum of a (wonderful) rainbow-family in Hong-Kong. Let’s resume this interview in one sentence : yes, she can !

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New Get-Togethers for RAHMers


To stay in touch with RAHM alumni and new LGBTI Leaders we came up with RAHM Get-Togethers. The first two will be organized in Berlin and Munich but you RAHMers can organize them too in New York, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong…
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