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The RAHMbassador program aims to foster the overall RAHM Community with the help from RAHMers all over the world.


Our amazing RAHMbassadors!

Thanks to our amazing RAHMbassadors located all over the world the RAHM Community stays connected and keeps growing.


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What is the RAHM Ambassador Program?


It’s a program that is mainly in hands of the RAHMbassadors! They are RAHM Community Members, located in a specific city, who are in charge of organising events to foster the community offline and online, bringing people closer.

The goal of those quarterly meet-ups, which can be in the form of a dinner, a breakfast, after work drinks or an online watch party, is to make it easier for members to get together, communicate and to stay in touch. RAHMbassador Events help to create a space, where members feel empowered and can support each other. Any RAHM Community Member can join the RAHMbassador Events and bring friends, who they think would fit into the community.


Numbers and Facts

      21 Cities

    20 Meet-Ups

29 RAHMbassadors

The Program is growing quickly! We are excited to have all these amazing RAHMers on the RAHMbassador board! Thanks to them we can foster the RAHM Community -both offline and online- spreading the word about our initiative so more people can join us and find a place where they can feel supported and thrive!

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How to become RAHMbassador?

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