RAHM LGBT+ Networking Getaway in Mykonos 2018


In the past two years, RAHM has developed a wonderful network of LGBT+ leaders from all over the world. Networking can have many forms and settings. Up to now, RAHM’s networking sessions have taken place in Berlin & London !

For this summer, we have decided to offer our RAHMers a slightly different networking style than before, mixing networking with leisure.


++ When? ++

 14th – 19th of September, 2018 

Participants can attend as many days as they like.

++ Where? ++

The Island of Mykonos

++ Who can participate? ++

Exclusive for LGBT+ Leaders and RAHM Members.

If you are not a RAHM member, fill out the form below.

++ Price ++

No entrance ticket.

We organise the programme, however, every activity is at your own expense.

Bring your partner along and expand your professional network together!

Programme & Booking

+++ The RAHM LGBT+ Networking Getaway +++

From September 14th to 19th, join our LGBT+ community of leaders, connect and network with them while enjoying the beautiful island of Mykonos.

The RAHM LGBT+ Networking Getaway offers the possibility for our Alumni to connect and reconnect, share new ideas, visions, exchange knowledge and experience within the intimate group of RAHMers.

What can you expect?

The programme entails a range of activities – starting with yoga and meditation, continuing with snorkelling and quad tour around the historical island, exploring the local cuisine in traditional or exclusive restaurants and partying in style in one of the many famous Mykonos clubs! Who said networking cannot be combined with leisure?


Many of RAHMers have expressed their support and ideas on how the network can be expanded, improved and developed. During these days we, want to put emphasis on that. No laptops needed – the good old brainstorming session is what we have in mind. We will work on the two following topics:

How to increase & expand RAHM Community’s network?
• How to shape the RAHM LGBT Leadership Forum in Mykonos for 2019?

Unique Brainstorming Sessions

Two days of this five days getaway will be focused around the development of RAHM and its community. After this year’s event, many RAHMers have expressed their ideas and support to expand, improve and bring further the RAHM network. As members of RAHM Community, we want to hear your opinion as well to build a community at your image.

In Mykonos, we will work all together on these topics and find solutions for the future of RAHM. The schedule will be planned as following:


17.09. How to increase & expand RAHM Community’s network?

        – How can RAHM Contest & Community become more visible and accessible?

        – RAHM Scholarship: How can we give equal chances to all applicants, independently from their financial situation or location?  

        – How can RAHM contribute to your company and vice versa?

– How can RAHM become more attractive to women, trans and queer? 

18.09. How to shape the RAHM LGBT+ Leadership Forum in Mykonos for 2019?

        – What should the main objective of RAHM LGBT+ Leadership Forum 2019 be?

        – What do you expect from such an event?

        – How can the Leadership Forum contribute to your company and vice versa?


No need to bring your laptop and smartphone to this event – we will keep it easy, relaxed but productive by using different methods of brainstorming.

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the RAHM LGBT+ Networking Getaway in Mykonos!


*RAHM means “cream” in German and stands for “crème de la crème”.

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