What is the RAHM Mentorship Program?


We are excited to let you know that a handful of our wonderful RAHM members have initiated the RAHM Mentorship Pilot Program. Mentorship offers a huge opportunity to invest in the RAHM community and beyond. By creating opportunities to learn from their real-life experiences, both mentees and mentors are able to cultivate their growth.

Sign up before the 9th of November 2021!

Why mentorship?


What are the categories?

Thanks to the feedback from our lovely RAHMers, here are the 5 categories you can be mentored in OR provide mentoring in.

1. CONFIDENCE AS AN LGBTIQ+ PERSON [ assertiveness, presence, finding one’s place ]

2. CAREER STRATEGY [ organizational skills, time management, developing career strategy ]

3. LEADERSHIP & PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT [ networking, leadership skills, colleague relations ]

4. NAVIGATING THE WORKPLACE [ procedures, protocols, company culture ]

5. PERSONAL BRANDING AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS [ self-presentation, values, emotional intelligence ]

Are you in?

Are you interested in being mentored in one of these categories or in providing mentorship in one of these categories — fill in the appropriate form before the 9th of November 2021!

Side note – For those that answered our first survey, first off thank you. And secondly, some of the questions will seem repetitive but we need you to answer this second form in its entirety to have you on our final database.

Once we collate all the necessary information, we will be in touch with more details about the structure of the program. In the meantime, if you have any questions please feel free to contact mentorship@rahm.ceo

The RAHMers behind the program

Here are the wonderful RAHM community members that took the initiative to spearhead this program. We have them to thank for this expansion of RAHM’s offerings.

Dominik Kowol

Software Development Lead | eperi GmbH

Having been a mentee for the first time 10 years ago has helped me in becoming who I am. Therefore, I now feel it is time to give back and provide others with the same great opportunity!

Stefanie Zwick

Managing Consultant | Campana & Schott

I am in love with the power and motivation of a strong network, simply can't stop being excited about learning and strive to continuously improve and develop myself and my capabilities - in business and private life. Therefore I am enthusiastic about the idea of sharing knowledge and experiences with others, giving the opportunity to achieve life goals even sooner.

Tony Andrews

Head of Conference | Falling Walls Foundation

I believe that no matter what other technology humanity develops, one thing will remain true: People still learn best from other people. We all need someone who is a little further along in their journey to share their idiosyncratic lessons for our individual struggles. That's why this program holds so much potential for me. We can connect queer people and allies with others who know what that those specific struggles feel like.

Dexter Tang

Global Equity Compliance EMEA Lead | Google

The power of mentoring cannot be underestimated. Reflecting on my career journey for the past decade, I believe I would not have been where I am today without my very own mentors that have guided and inspired me in many different ways. Through mentoring others, I've also learned so much from my mentees and am inspired by them in many different ways. I am so excited to see the impact that the RAHM Mentorship Pilot program will bring for both mentors and mentees.