The RAHM Impact Day 2018


The RAHM Impact Day is a one-day event where you create a unique, innovative and useful tool, to make a contribution to the LGBT community and help other LGBT Leaders


++ When? ++

Thursday, 5th of July, 2018, from 9:30 until 19:00

++ Price ++

Free of charge

++ Where? ++

Hosted by Stanhope at the White City Place

201 Wood Ln, White City, London W12 7TU, UK

++ Hotel recommendations ++

Hotel list London

++Who can register?++

RAHM Alumni 2017 & 2018 + Members of the RAHM Jury 2017 & 2018

Register here

If you’re not a RAHM Member but would like to attend, please send us an email.


More than 50 LGBT leaders brought together to work in groups for a whole day

Generating unique and innovative ideas to make a contribution to LGBT community 

Connect and learn from each other throughout leadership talks, assessment rounds, networking sessions and much more

Present, share and celebrate the results at the RAHM Get-Together 2018


What is the RAHM Impact Day about?

++ The RAHM Impact Day ++

Two heads are better than one – that is an undeniable fact. But what happens when you bring together passionate LGBT leaders to join forces in creation of innovation and uniqueness?

The RAHM Impact Day presents an opportunity for leaders to work hand-in-hand to create a unique, innovative and useful tool, in order to impact the world of LGBT leadership.

More than 50 LGBT leaders selected for their outstanding skills, achievements and visions, are challenged to create a one-of-a-kind tool in just one day.

What are the topics/tasks of the RAHM Impact Day?

Each year, the RAHM Impact Day will follow a new topic, with the outcome of a unique and innovative tool created by outstanding groups of LGBT leaders.

Here are some examples to give a little preview of what could be expected:

++ A campaign to reach and commit new LGBT leaders into the RAHM Community.

++ A mobile phone application, its concept, its business plan and its software, to increase the networking possibilities and resources inside of the RAHM Community.

++ A public tribune to advocate an outlook agenda for the visibility of LGBT Executives.

++ Organising a RAHM Mentoring Program or Fellowship for LGBT outstanding students.


Tell us your ideas and be involved in the
making of the event

Is there a specific LGBT matter, that concerns you or a topic you are passionate about? There are several possible topics/challenges stated before, however, we would be more that thrilled to hear your opinion about it.

We are open to your ideas – what inspires and drives you, what would you be passionate to spend your day working on together with other motivated leaders? 

Let us know what you think before the 15th of April by contacting us here or sending an e-mail to katrine@uhlala.com


The topic of the challenges will be announced soon after!

What is included in the program of the day?

Last but not least, the RAHM Impact Day will connect RAHM Alumni and Jury throughout intensive networking sessions, leadership talks, assessment rounds, and much more. At the end of this incredible day, the RAHM Impact Day participants are given a chance to present, share and celebrate their results during the RAHM Get-Together 2018, where the 100 new RAHM Finalists 2018 are also invited. Do not miss this chance for your network to take a new giant step forward!

Recommended Hotels

If you are looking for a place to rest and spend the night during our RAHM events, take a look at some of the places that we recommend here: Hotel list London

Join other RAHM events

Later that day, participants of the RAHM Impact day will present their results at the RAHM Get-Together 2018 which is taking place at the headquarters of Herbert Smith Freehills.

On the next day, Friday, the 6th of July 2018, the RAHM Contest 2018 takes place at the Herbert Smith Freehills headquarters.

Thus, the participants of the RAHM Impact Day are invited to celebrate the London Pride together on Saturday, the 7th of July 2018.

If you are not a RAHM Member, click here to discover and join the RAHM Global LGBT Leadership Contest & Community.

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