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On Friday 21st July during the Pride week in Berlin, the World’s First LGBTI Leadership Contest “RAHM”, took place at the Google Headquarters. The unique contest was built on best practices for building LGBTI employee networks and careers. RAHM sponsors who shared this vision included Google, McKinsey, SAP and Panda.


According to Stuart Cameron, CEO Uhlala, the instigator of the contest, RAHM brings together the outstanding global LGBTI leaders of both today and the future:

“We believe that this new generation of LGBTI leaders will shape a more inclusive society. RAHM helps to identify these talents, to meet each other and to grow stronger. Our main goal is to form an international community of amazing LGBTI leaders.”


90 LGBTI finalists participated in dynamic contest assignments following a keynote speech by Jason Goldberg, entrepreneur and founder of Pepo. Finalists were tasked with convincing an executive jury and fellow participants in a series of team challenges. Interpersonal and authentic leadership skills were required to debate controversial topics, including:

– Do we need LGBTI quotas in Leadership?
– What makes an LGBTI leader?
– How can we strengthen the visibility of LGBTI leaders?

Reflecting on the event, Stephen Ogden, CEO at Erasys and one of the 25 members of the executive jury said:

“Wow! It is amazing what great things happen when you bring together great minds from the international LGBTI community who share the same interests, passion and goals. Definitely one of the best events I have attended in the past few years.”


RAHM is translated as ‘‘crème’’ (Crème de la Crème -‘‘best of the best’’) from German. Through a critical and democratic crowd-ranking process, ten people were voted amongst the top ten by peers and jury members. The winner was decided following a group interview between the executive jury and the top 10. With outstanding ideas and charisma, Lindsay Krakauer was selected as the outright winner. She had this to say on the contest:

“My heart is still so overwhelmed that a room full of peers and jurors gave me this honour. This weekend I took home the win, and a large community of LGBTI leaders I now call friends! The diversity across this group is so impressive!”


Due to the success of the event, there are two RAHM contests scheduled for 2018. They will take place in Berlin and the U.K, for German and English speakers respectively. Uhlala has been supporting, promoting and connecting LGBTI people in their careers since 2009. RAHM is the latest in a series of projects that are providing an open and inclusive professional platform for the LGBTI community. Uhlala’s flagship program, Sticks and Stones is the largest LGBTI career event in Europe.

Learn more about us: & #rahm17

Winner RAHM 2017: Lindsay Krakauer

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