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Dear RAHMers,

As RAHM celebrates its 5th anniversary, we are pleased to announce that the 700th person has joined the RAHM Community. With each new member, RAHM grows in experience, talent and diversity.

Diversity is arguably one of the greatest assets of RAHM and it is evident in multiple characteristics of the community – from the diversity in the companies they are employed in, to the diversity in the industries where they are either currently working or working their way into leadership positions and diversity in their cultural backgrounds. We are represented by over 70 nationalities from all continents, and we continue growing and embracing new realities, stories and cultures.

To celebrate RAHM’s 5th birthday and to commemorate the diversity of our community, we will be highlighting you! Each month this year, we will include 5 RAHM-ers in our RAHM Newsletters and also on our social media. If you would like to be part in celebrating RAHM and its diversity, then go to the form below and follow the simple instructions.

We would like to introduce you to the latest members of RAHM. Join us in welcoming the following newest members into the RAHM Community:

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