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Harnessing resilient power and driving accountable leadership through the promotion of diversity and inclusion management as a business solution in an ever-changing job market.

Article by Peter Kakucska

RAHM Managing Director

Join us in welcoming two outstanding individuals who will take the joint helm position of our new initiative.


We are proud to announce the appointment of Annemieke Hartman-Jemmett (U.K) and Levis Nderitu (Kenya) as Co-Chairs of the RAHM Leadership Council. Both will be pivotal in defining the council in its inaugural year.

“Leadership First: No one can be a leader unless they genuinely care about the success of everyone in their team.

Annemieke Hartman-Jemmett




“I invite you to join me in sharing new ways in which we can engage businesses, academia, civil society, the arts, media and the clients we serve.”

Levis Nderitu




The UHLALA Group has decided that the council should have two co-chairs to reflect more than just the LGBTIQ+ diversity of the RAHM community. Just as a community we understand the importance, value and strength in speaking as one with our diverse voices, Annemieke and Levis will lead the council with the unison of their unique perspectives.

Both will be using their vast leadership experience and professional achievements from their remarkable yet different successful careers to chair this newly forming initiative which will bring together role model leaders to benefit the LGBTIQ+ community. The RAHM Leadership Council will gather professionals from corporate, academic, non-governmental and arts sectors and play an integral part when examining how best to support the community.

Annemieke and Levis are both entrusted into these positions as we look to further develop RAHM which has become an ever-changing project and involves people from different backgrounds, nations, and perspectives.

“Together with the Council, I look forward to championing RAHM flagship programs, activities and communities as we purposely  reimagine the future of leadership.” Levis Nderitu

The RAHM Leadership Council will purposefully bring valuable diverse insights that can foster LGBTIQ+ leadership development to our network of community members which keeps growing each day, attracting potential leaders from across the globe.

From his hometown Nairobi, Kenya, Levis recalls his participation in the RAHM Contest in London 2018 and his drive to make RAHM a global brand. “RAHM has consistently shown its commitment in developing leaders of the future across multiple continents, a mission that I strongly align with” says Levis, who has had an outstanding trajectory and is currently working as Director of Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at PATH. Previously he worked in diversity management, employer branding consulting, organisational culture and communications at Médecins Sans Frontières, One Acre Fund and Oxfam amongst others.

“Facilitating the success of future leaders, connecting “Big Brands” with an innovative leadership programme of initiatives will benefit all.” Annemieke Hartman-Jemmett

From the U.K., Annemieke, a native from the Netherlands, joined RAHM when she was a Jury member at the RAHM Contest Berlin 2018. Ever since, she has been an exceptional mentor to many RAHM’s LGBTIQ+ young professionals. Annemieke draws on her career and the positions she has held, such as Group Commercial Director, Managing Consultant, Board Professional and similar at One Circle, and Petainer to name but a few. Annemieke is also a Business Author.

“Together, as a council, we are further building the leadership community that offers inclusion and diversity and in turn the ability to make a difference”, says Hartman-Jemmett and that it does. The RAHM Leadership Council is unique with eminent members representing diverse backgrounds and careers in a truly global setting. It will embrace individuals within the community, and also our allies.

Our exemplary allies will bring a wealth of understanding that we can all benefit from and add to the diverse spectrum in our world of colours. We believe that appreciating the diverse spectrum is a key factor in developing resilient leaders who will be able to transform their surroundings and their communities.

Levis jokes that we have people from “A to Z” applying for the council.  “From Australia to Zagreb, New York to Nairobi, Rome to the Phillipines, London to Costa Rica, L.A. to India, Vienna and Canada. seats are filling up very  fast and if anyone is interested in joining the council, they should do so now, quickly.”

The council plans to have its first official meeting on 30 March 2022 and we should be know more about upcoming activities soon. We look forward to hearing from our newly appointed Co-Chairs, and wish our two leaders, Annemieke and Levis, all the best in this exciting year and thank them for agreeing to take on these important positions.



More information on the launch and work of the council will be shared shortly, in the meantime there are some seats left on the council. Apply to be a member of the RAHM Leadership Council!

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